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Metempsychosis is the philosophical term for the transmigration of the soul after death.
The soul is a divine, immortal being which aspires to freedom, whilst the body holds it in as prisoner. Death dissolves this compact, but only to re-imprison the liberated soul after a short time: for the wheel of birth revolves inexorably. Thus the soul continues its journey, alternating between a separate unrestrained existence and fresh reincarnation.
The collection is driven by the integral creation of a muse; Knitted and leather sculptural forms simultaneously engulf and protrude from a dark, mysterious, unknown figure-reborn after death into a new external form. She wallows in the shallows of the water, trying to reconnect with her new skin. Her soul now entrapped within a knitted physical fortress.
She is reborn.

Photography: Banjo McLachlan
Assistant: Max McLachlan
Hair: Beck Carroll
Makeup: Isobel Claire

Awards and Achievements

  • AWI: Award for Craftsmanship and Innovation


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Katherine Mavridis


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