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This idea began with the concept of a receipt as a token of thanks. In this case, it is thanks for people taking the time to invest a little of themselves in a worth-while cause.

This project is aimed at promoting the work of Mission Australia, and how we can use our power as consumers for good. This is done through the use of a sculpture which essentially reacts to and grows more beautiful with every donation that is made to help fight homeless ness amongst women and children.

The sculpture is of a mannequin wearing a dress, constructed from familiar pieces of equipment used in the retail industry for buying a selling, such a scanners, and importantly, receipt printers.
Passers-by are encouraged to make a donation to the dress, using the assortment of familiar technologies, as when they do so, the dress will grow with every receipt that is printed.

Each receipt contains a message of thanks, whilst also informing the donator of how their money is contributing to the on-going work of Mission Australia.

As donations continue to be made, the dress will grow bigger, eventually forming a mass of thankful and informative messages, and a tangible reflection of people’s good will.

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