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  • Parable Productions Pty Ltd
    Production Manager/Producer
    2015 - Present

    Responsible for the management of crew resourcing, logistics design, story elements and concepts and management of team workflow for the Network 10 television program What's Up Down Under. I am also responsible for overseeing entire advertising projects from concept to finalisation, while also lending my sales skills combined with story element designs to further sell products and partners in to content pieces for web, radio, print and television

  • Axiom Touring
    Director / Production Manager
    2010 - 2015

    I was company director responsible for strategic development, staff management, marketing, investment strategy and business development.

    Due to the fact that we were a small contract team I was also responsible for tour management and production management for international artists.


  • Canberra College
    2003 - 2005

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Joel Collie
Education Canberra College
Employer Parable Productions Pty Ltd
Location Melbourne Australia


About Joel

I am currently holding a role with an exciting multimedia production house where I am responsible for the management of television/film production crews, travel & logistics, resource management and team workflow for television episodes & advertising projects that take place across the biggest cities and most hard to reach places of Australia for the Network 10 Travel/Lifestyle Program What's Up Down Under.

Before my life in TV I was the Director of my own small company Axiom Touring where I toured some of the best heavy metal, alternative and hip hop acts from around the world.

Personality type- ENFJ

Favorite food - Lasagne

Greatest achievement - Planning and managing 50 cast and crew across two sea crossings and two states while also managing the production of 6 episodes with only 1 month prep time.

Favorite drink - Mule: Tequila & Ginger Beer over ice. Classic




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