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Our main task at the Sydney Appathon 48 hour challenge was to find a way to bring the younger generations into the Meals on Wheels volunteering community. We also decided to address some other issues facing Meals on Wheels, including:
* Finding a way to create marketing content at no extra cost
* Find efficient ways to identify influencial volunteers for ambassadorship
* Improve communication within Meals on Wheels' 190 service centers around NSW
* Improve community spirit within their current volunteer base

Our solution app is one that creates a platform to strengthen the Meals on Wheels community, spark passion, and help all members across the entirety of NSW Meals on Wheels connect and share their experiences. This platform is designed so that younger future volunteers would feel comfortable and inspired using it.

Driver & Deliverer volunteers would use the app on the days they are volunteering, and the app would collect stats and metrics based on their contributions, such as number of meals delivered, distance traveled & time spent with clients. Members get rewarded based on every contribution made and are given short-term goals to complete. They are awarded with achievements when these goals are reached, with the goals shared to Facebook to inspire their friends to make a difference as well. This point-based reward system has proven itself in the fitness community, and this app platform brings this kind of motivational technique into the volunteering scene in a way young people are familiar.

Young potential volunteers who are intimidated with volunteering or believe they can't really make much of an impact can see quantitative accomplishments of current volunteers and see that even one day of volunteering can make a direct and immediate contribution to their local community. The statistics generated by the community can abolish the misconceptions that the younger generations can have with volunteering (i.e., "I don't have the time", "I won't make a difference", "I don't think it'll be rewarding"). The app presents itself to non-volunteers as a high-achieving community platform and as a series of screens containing info-graphs from real-time data of the Meals on Wheels impact.

The app shows maps to Meals on Wheels indicating the degree of volunteer activity. This also helps their service centers (which are currently under pressure from having far more clients than volunteers), allowing them to strategically recruit for the centers that need it the most.

The community feed in the app shows all members' achievements, messages from Meals On Wheels HQ, as well as Instagram photos containing the tag "#MOWHappyFaces". The Instagram connection helps volunteers share their emotional moments with the both their community and Instagram followers. These photos are attached to the posters profile page, with a high contributing volunteer having a wall of "happy faces" to help inspire the community. The photos taken with this tag are also excellent material for Meals on Wheels to use for marketing campaigns.

Awards and Achievements

  • 2nd Place Winners
    Alive Mobile


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