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Art Direction, Art Photography, Collage, Concept, Digital, Drawing, Environment, Fantasy, Illustration, Illustrator, InDesign, Mixed media, Painting, Pen & Ink, People


  • Universal Magazines
    Graphic Designer
    2015 - Present

  • Bluemelon Design
    Junior Designer / Social Media
    2013 - Present

  • Freelance
    Freelance Artist/Illustrator
    2011 - Present

  • Eat Fit Food
    Graphic Designer
    2015 - 2017

  • Industrie Clothing
    Graphic Designer / Artist
    2015 - 2015


  • Billy Blue College of Design
    Bachelor of Design
    2012 - 2014

Awards and Achievements

  • Porque No Exhibition

    A group of artists gathered to celebrate the antithesis of justification. Why not, is a stand against our desire to explore lines, shapes, colours. It is the time of voyaging and assertion with our inner-selves that drive our passions. Explanation or justification of our traces have no meaning. Here, just the feeling and the desire to create are the engines that transform the space. Paulo, Jess, Michael, Albert and Pablo leap into an exploration of animalistic forms, each representing these animals through their own interpretation. Instinctive and passionate and always free from filters. 10 animals, five artists, 50 works made only for this purpose and one space to share it all.
    Everything is welcome, we are extreme defenders of freedom from style, the absence of explanation and the pleasure that entertains the senses. After all, why not?

    My series was called Wanders and reveries of daydream believers.

    "Wanders and reveries of daydream believers" reflects the vulnerability of a childs age during which their brains still have the potential to outshine anything in this world. It is the age during which they don't have to worry about a thing. It's when they see wonder and the new and exciting is everywhere. They are free to explore the wonders and see further with the third eye of their imagination. This is portrayed through the mystic involvement between childhood and how their imagination can go so far contrasted with the viewers(adults), questioning their imagination and how they see their response, and to remind you that it is ok to dream a little even now as Imagination and the ability to see with it is crucial to our intelligence and how we see the world, it illuminates the darkness of the world and provides us with suggestions as to what is reality.

  • I.N.K.E.D Exhibition

    I.N.K.E.D (Ideas that Nurture our Knowledge and Engage us through Design) art exhibition was the showcasing of 5 upcoming Sydney based artists, ranging in the fields of Multi Disciplinary and Illustration. Showcasing artists; Bella Bruzzese, Van Peters, Jessica Middleton, Sebastian Vaccaro & Taylor Conacher, plus a live art performance by Lorenzo Bruzzese & Sally Conwell.

  • Art Express Exhibition

    This work concentrates on one person - my younger brother. It looks at his experiences and who he is becoming and, more widely, the vulnerability of young males in country villages. I have used a combination of painting and photomedia, painting in a loose style using “wet on wet” watercolour techniques to create washes of different flesh tones and then manipulating the images. I switch backwards and forwards between the two media, applying different layers of painted surfaces, text and textural surfaces. The use of found textures, with meat as a symbol of vulnerability in its RAW state, creates textural richness and depth of form.


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Jessica Middleton
Education Billy Blue College of Design
Employer Universal Magazines
Location Sydney Australia


About Jessica

I’m a multidisciplinary designer/Artist/Illustrator with studio experience across print, branding, packaging, Art, Illustration, web, digital, product & textiles. I'm also a freelance illustrator/artist having exhibited at numerous galleries and undertaken commercial work.
With a background in graphic design, I approach design with a carefully considered foundation of function and strategic rationale. I aim to deliver work that is not only visually pleasing and precise, but communicates clear and sincere messages.




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