Perfect Imperfection

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‘Perfect Imperfection’ is a meditation on balance in Japanese aesthetics. Based on my observations during a trip to Japan, the tension between the rigid and the organic seemed to be a key element in Japanese visual culture.

I began to think of this relationship as ‘perfect imperfection’, a contradiction that I see as the bedrock of Japanese aesthetics. The installation consists of hundreds of ceramic cups and a drawing machine that put the contradictory approaches into practice. Each cup was hand-
made but in a production line style; same shape, same process and same size. They are arranged methodically around drawing machine. Despite
the uniformity of production and arrangement of the cups when the audience examines them their individual imperfections are unmistakable. The tension between the structure and faults of the cups is what makes them engaging.

Behind the cups the drawing machine hums as it generates mechanical compositions. Although produced in an automated way, the drawings have a certain nervousness. The wobbly lines lines reveal the vulnerable side of the machine.


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Irit Pollak


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