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About the project

Example 1: Branding Identity: Cathexis Design Store

"Cathexis is the investment of emotional significance in an activity, object or idea; being that our society should move away from it's current designed paradigm and into a more environmentally friendly, sustainable, inclusive and connected society" The project was to do the branding and identity for a shop, and I chose to design one for a fictional design store which encouraged hand made crafts and independent designers to sell their work through.

Example 2: Packaging: SUG sustainable festival food packaging

SUG packaging design allows the customer to customize their own eating experience whilst having a uniformed material (bagasse) across both food and beverage packaging from all vendors at the festival. Bagasse is compostable at both commercial and backyard composting units.
It will relieve the cost of waste management and transportation once the festival is over and it will give back to the surrounding land.

Example 3: Publication Design: URA NARC

This printed exhibition aims to explore the ideas that surround the necessity of ego, vanity and self worth as well as the role and influence of social media on these qualities/inflictions on todays creatives. The participating designers are presented with prompts and questions on the topic which is then explored or rebutted and this is displayed in conjunction with their designs to be able to communicate what is seen as ‘them’

Hannah Burrell - Behance


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