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Gigi Salas
Employer COMETA
Location Melbourne Australia


About Gigi


My name is Gigi Salas. I am a Peruvian graphic designer and visual artist based in Melbourne. I moved here because I love the local culture, and I want to improve my career by working in a new and more competitive atmosphere.

As an editorial designer, I worked in some of the most important media outlets in South America, mostly in magazines. I started my career in Cosas, a fashion and jet set magazine. Then I was a staff designer in Amauta, where I created travel and architectural magazines. Soon I became art director in Cometa, a fresh boutique agency well known for its innovative character. Cometa published its own magazine, which I also used to design, and served a big variety of clients: banks and goverment offices, among others. In Cometa, I designed everything: personal cards for the staff and coffee table books for clients. I created branding for new companies and also worked as art director in documentary films. I designed social media memes and then showroom stands for COP 20 guests.

I love listening to music, buying clothes and drawing about love, girls and relationships. I am currently working on a graphic book memoir, about my last sentimental experiences. The work-in-progress can be seen at

I would like to have the opportunity to work with you guys. I am sure I have a lot of experience to share and, the most important thing is, I am eager to learn from you.

Thanks for reading my resume. I look forward to hearing from you.




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