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Advertising, Art Direction, Art Photography, Commercial Photography, Digital Imaging, Editorial, Food, Interiors, Lifestyle, Photojournalism, Photoshop, Picture Editing, Retouching


  • Estelle Judah Photography
    2003 - Present

  • The Age - Fairfax Media
    2003 - 2005

    Features Photographer

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Estelle Judah
Employer Estelle Judah Photography
Location Melbourne Australia


About Estelle

I’m a Commercial Photographer.

But I don’t do that run-of-the-mill fluff you’re so sick of seeing.

It’s hard to explain what I do that makes my photos unique. But I’ll try........

Whether I’m shooting a place, a product or a person, I use a creative, editorial style of photography. Even when the subject matter is quite mundane, I look into it and draw something out. I build meaning around it and, at the same time, distil it down to its essence.

I've said enough now. I’ll just let my portfolio tell the story – www.estellejudah.com.au




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