Déplacement d'eau

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This design was inspired by the shape and motion of tidal waves, if it were to crash into the city. It started out as a huge overwhelming wave on the bank of the Torrens River, but then evolved to be par
tially submerged underground by pulling the landscape upwards in a wave like pattern
After several iterations, the design started to 'sink' into the ground, and thus becoming an underground hotel, going underneath North Terrace, under the train tracks, and emerging right at the bank of the Torrens.
The design still stays true to the initial concept of a wave and allowing the patrons to experience the design through subtle slopes from the floor, giving a wave-like feeling and having feature areas such as an atrium underneath the train tracks, and will be able to look at trains go past overhead.
The exterior of the hotel barely peeks out of the ground, giving a feeling of gentle waves from the beach, as opposed to a full blown tidal wave. The design still retains its aggressive nature of a tidal-wave but in a more subtle way, invading the city through non-overshadowing peaks and crests.


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