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Situated under the cultural precinct of Barangaroo’s Headland Park, the proposed Australian Museum of Digital Arts and Cinema is framed by the iconic landmarks of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Therefore, the design of the space acknowledges the prime location, acting as a funnel, capturing the way cameras work and emphasises the connection between the cultural centre and Sydney.
The digital medium focuses on views, frames, perception and the play of light and dark. Incorporating these ideas into the design, the space plays with proportions, connections and the interaction of spaces. The contrast between opposing ideas provides the catalysis in which to explore materiality and design programme. The use of delicate translucent glass volumes is distinctly separate from the supporting metal volumes. The consideration of light allows for a gracefulness. The interplay of these polar ideas: inside/outside, public/private, light/dark transforms these spaces into a cinema in which to view our world.

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