Customs House

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This project focuses on creating a space that controls and exaggerates the real acts of the everyday life by re-evaluating casino typologies and creating a non- for-profit space to create an ‘other’ space, an unrealistic space. The sections and axonometric drawing with red highlights the areas that represent the existing conditions that augment the atmosphere inside Customs House.

• Floor to table joinery
• Artwork
• Information desk
• Built in window and table working space
• Newspaper stand

Customs House is and old building situated in The Rocks, a historic area filled with rich history with numerous unsolved murders and crimes. The psychic detective concept intertwines well with the location of the site where individuals become part of the mystery. Psychic detectives are people who investigate crimes by using paranormal abilities or instincts. They are mostly used for missing persons cases where they find clues and communicate with spirits of the victim or passed family members. They are able to harness this energy and program their mind to find them. Casino typologies are incorporated with the labyrinth design layout providing no real start and finish, the use of sound and no formal use of clocks to determine the time.


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Amy Su


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