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  • Photography 1


Advertising, Capture One, Commercial Photography, Photoshop


  • Binocular Pty Ltd
    2013 - Present


  • University of Canberra
    Bachelor of Marketing Communications
    1997 - 1999

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Toby Dixon
Education 1997-1999 - University of Canberra
Employer Binocular Pty Ltd
Location Sydney Australia


About Toby

Toby Dixon is a Sydney- based photographer who primarily shoots environmental portraiture and conceptual still-life as personal projects as well as major advertising campaigns. In his first year of shooting professionally, his landscape series ‘Concrete’ won both the Judges’ and People’s Choice Awards in the 2006 Projections Competition, and in the commercial sphere, he has shot acclaimed campaigns for Cadbury, Toyota Prius, Sage, Canon, Kodak, LG, Smirnoff, UBank, Hahn, Vodafone and Sunbeam among many others. His images have also appeared numerous times in Archive, Capture, Australian Creative, Indesign, Inside, Artichoke, D-Photo and Venue magazines. Wherever Toby’s work appears, it is driven by a desire to capture warmth hidden beneath a rough exterior, and a hunger to prove that first appearances are often misleading.




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