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  • Creative & Art Direction 1
  • Website & Digital Design 1
  • UI/UX Design 1


Ambient Campaigns, Applications, Art Direction, Assisting Art Department, Banner Ad, Blogs, Creative Direction, CSS, Design, Display Ad, E-learning, Facebook, Games, HTML, Icons


  • Avanade
    Senior UX/UI Designer
    2012 - Present

    Avanade Australia, a subsidiary of Accenture, is a multinational IT consulting and software company that develops business software from a Microsoft products platform. Founded in 2000, Avanade's services are specialized to the Microsoft software platform. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, the company had 9700 employees in 34 countries at the close of its fiscal year 2009. Avanade has 5,000+ badged staff located offshore in India, China, the Philippines, Spain, Morocco, Argentina and Slovakia who work in Accenture-owned delivery centers as part of a global delivery network.

    Passionate about building cool websites/web and mobile apps Avanade's XD Team work with the full range of design processes and deliverables from initial wireframing and user and design requirement gathering, through to visual design and branding to HTML/CSS/Silverlight prototyping and assisting developers implement designs into production.

  • Intelligent Pathways
    Senior Designer (Creative Projects)
    2011 - 2012

    IP made me a better UX designer, that’s for sure. Working
    real close to business analysts and developers helped me to
    create new solutions for old issues within web applications.

    As well as web applications I supported the marketing
    department with brochures, conference materials, web
    videos and micro sites to promote IP’s products and services.

    Duties and responsibilities included:

    » Graphic design
    » Web & Mobile design
    » Art direction for movies and animations
    » Concept creation
    » Branding maintenance
    » Email campaign
    » UI Experience

  • Speedwell
    Lead Graphic Designer
    2011 - 2011

    At Speedwell, I was responsible for the entire creative process, from meeting clients to define the briefing to delivering the final artwork, and all points in between, including developing sketches and negotiating the final design with the client.

    The position was a great challenge for me, particularly as I had to design for different medias (web, mobile and print), having to develop different approaches and new ways to surprise the market without compromising the usability of the product.

    Being in a managerial position has also provided me with a great opportunity to bring new and exciting resources and inspirational ideas to the team. Additionally, this position enabled me to acquire a new vision, free of any encumbrances from the design work I have been doing for so many years.

    Duties and responsibilities included:

    » Graphic design
    » Web & Mobile design
    » Art direction for movies and animations
    » Concept creation
    » Branding

  • Zap
    Graphic Designer
    2008 - 2011

    At Zap I was responsible for all creative concepts involving the existing branding. I have created the branding and microsites for Zap’s products (Zap Business Intelligence 2010, Business Analytics for Microsoft Dynamics and Customization Wizard) and designed the user interface for the new software version.

    In addition, I have created two themes for Zap’s look and feel at Microsoft conferences in the US. These themes directed the visuals to a different level and caused a huge impact in the market. At both Convergences we received excellent feedback from our customers and partners stating that we are really different to the other players.

    Duties and responsibilities included:

    » Graphic // Web // Motion design
    » Art finishing // Pre-press // Printing
    » Concept creation
    » Branding maintenance
    » E-mail campaign
    » UI Experience


  • Mackenzie University
    Publicity and Creative Methods
    2000 - 2004

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Fabiano Nava
Education 2000 - 2004 - Mackenzie University
Employer Avanade
Location Brisbane Australia


About Fabiano

Over ten years experience in graphic design and art direction, and have worked on design projects for some of the world's most recognised companies, such as Nokia, Unilever, Rexona, Dove, Nike, Visa, Mastercard, Allianz Global Assistance and Domino's.

My experience spans web design, graphic design for printed material, advertising campaigns, branding, and art direction for movies and animation.




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