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  • Photography 1
  • Cinematography 1
  • Directing 1


Art Direction, Art Photography, AVID, Camera Direction, Camera Operation, Commercial Photography, Digital Imaging, Directing, Director of Photography, Dreamweaver, Excel, Fashion, Film, Final Cut Pro, Flash


  • University of Melbourne
    Victorian College Of The Arts Bachelor of Film and Television
    2009 - 2011

Awards and Achievements

  • Los Angeles Movie Award of Excellence

    Won 3 awards of Excellence for short film I wrote and directed titled 'Life Through A Lens'.

    Student Award of Excellence
    Best Actress
    Best Supporting Actress

    13th January 2012

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Ellenor Argyropoulos
Education 2009-2011 - University of Melbourne
Location Melbourne Australia


About Ellenor

Hey, I'm Ellenor.. I'm twenty one, I'm a film grad and I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to cameras, film, or Star Trek..

My site is called myscatterbrain.com because sometimes my brain moves too fast for my mouth.. and normally someone would just stop for it to catch up and then speak sense, but i just keep going and hope it makes sense later.

I also go through phases where I do various things, be it directing, taking photos with my various cameras, or shooting films, I have a lot of ideas and many different forms I like to express them.

I'm currently based in Melbourne but someday soon, I plan on finding another home to explore across the sea...




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