Content & Animation company specialising in large screen events.

Location New South Wales, Australia
Founded 1995
Employees 5-25

At Digital Pulse we are a like-minded team that are passionate about what we do, and the reason we get up in the morning is to do work that matters.
We like to call this work 21st century content.

21st century content is smart, well thought out, flexible and relevant.

We work together with our clients to create the right story, for the right audience, delivered through the right channels and built in the right medium.

We get it right.

We use creativity, craft and technology to tell powerful stories that are targeted, effective and delivered with smarts. We bring passion, imagination and respect to everything we do. And we strive to be remarkable every day by challenging ourselves to Outthink.

Specialists in:
Design, 2D and character animation, 3D graphics, broadcast design, video mapping, hyper-wide screen content, immersive experiences, storytelling across multi-platforms



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Awards and Achievements

  • AEAF award for “Titles/ Openers – Idents”
    This series of (4) idents directed by Richie Ellis and executed for Fox 8 breaks the barrier between reality and fiction. Everyday people are transformed via their shadow into models and cartoon characters. The indents created a strong visual impact for the new season of Fox 8 programming.

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02 94390122
Suite 501, 10-12 Clarke Street, Crows Nest, New South Wales, 2065, Australia

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