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  • Ricardo Alarco

    Ricardo Alarco

    3D Senior Lead Visualizer at http://www.madeyoulookstudios.com.au

    3D Computer Animation, 3D Computer VFX, 3ds Max, After Effects, AutoCAD , Compositing, Modelling, Photoshop, Premiere, Quicktime, Rendering, V-Ray
    Employer Made You Look Studios
    Location Victoria Australia
  • Aaron Davies (The Storyboard Guy)

    Aaron Davies (The Storyboard Guy)

    Storyboard Artist

    Animation, Art Direction, Illustration, Storyboard, TV
    Education Arts Management
    Location Victoria Australia
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  • Will Trumble

    Will Trumble

    3D Visualisation Artist

    Consumer Appliance, Data, Dreamweaver, Educational, Environment, Events, Exhibitions, Furniture, Illustrator, Industrial Design, Information, Interiors, Knowledge, Modo, Office, Packaging, Photoshop, Product, Product Engineering, Products, Props, Scientific, Sets, Toys, Vehicle, Visualisation
    Education B.A. Industrial Design
    Employer Freelance
    Location Victoria Australia
  • Kirsty Wescombe

    Kirsty Wescombe

    Data visualisation, Visual Communication, Information Design

    App Design, Brand Identity, Communication, Corporate Identity, Data Visualisation, Handmade, Illustrator, InDesign, Infograhics, Information Design, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Training & Development , UX
    Education Graphic design
    Employer Telstra
    Location Victoria Australia
  • John Baker

    John Baker

    3D Artist

    3ds Max, Apple Shake, AutoCAD , Boujou 3D, Cinema 4D, Data, Educational, Events, Exhibitions, Illustrator, Information, Interiors, Keyshot, Knowledge, Maya, Mental Ray, Photoshop, Products, Scientific, Sets, Visualisation
    Location Victoria Australia
  • Jeremy Lofhelm

    Jeremy Lofhelm

    3D Modeller

    3d, 3D animation, 3D Artist/Visualiser, 3D Modelling, 3ds Max, After Effects, Architectural Rendering, Architecture & Interiors, Corona Renderer, Design, Environment, High Poly Modelling, Interiors, Light and Composition, LightWave , Lightwave 3D, Maya (beginner), Modelling, Photo Manipulation / Retouching, Photorealistic Rendering, Photoshop, Products, Texturing and UV Mapping, Visualisation
    Education Advanced Diploma of Multimedia (Design)
    Employer Freelancer
    Location Victoria Australia
  • Melissa Bourne

    Melissa Bourne

    Visual Merchandiser

    Fashion, Merchandising, Stylist and Props Installer, Stylist Assistant, Visual Merchandising
    Location Victoria Australia
  • Noel Akbaba

    Noel Akbaba

    Jr Compositor

    Compositing, Compositing Nuke, Film, Roto Paint, Rotoscope, Silhouette FX, Vfx Artists
    Education Diploma of digital film-making (Advanced)
    Employer OHU fx
    Location Victoria Australia
  • Rio Do

    Rio Do

    Digital Designer & 3D Visualisation Artist

    3D Architectural Rendering, 3ds Max, After Effects, Apartment, Architectural 3d Design, Architectural Rendering, Architectural Visualisation, AutoCAD , Brand Design, Computer Graphics, Corona Renderer, Corporate Identity, Cubase, Design, Environment, Exterior, Facade, Hotel, Illustrator, Interior, Interior Architecture, Interior Design, Interiors, Landscape, Landscape Design, Logo Design, Multimedia Design, Penthouse, Photgraphy, Photomontages, Photorealistic Interior Rendering, Photoshop, Products, Realistic, Rendering, Residential, Revit Architecture, Sketch-up, Streetscape, T-Shirt Design, Unity3D, Unreal Engine 4, V-Ray, Visualisation, Vray rendering, Web Design, WordPress
    Education Bachelor of Multimedia (Business Marketing)
    Employer Varizon Visual Innovation
    Location Victoria Australia
  • Michael Nicolas

    Michael Nicolas

    3D Generalist

    3d Modeling, 3D Texturing, Animation & VFX, Mari, Maya, Mudbox, Photography, Photoshop, Vray Lighting
    Education Digital Animation
    Employer Lux Visual Effects
    Location Victoria Australia
  • Chloe Hull

    Chloe Hull

    3D Artist

    3d, 3D Computer Animation, 3D Computer VFX, Account Management, After Effects, Animation, Business Development, CG & VFX, CGI, Character Art, Character Design, Character Developer , Commercial, Customer Services, Design, Digital Artist, Environment, Events, Interiors, Keyshot, Landscape, Lighting and Rendering, Matte Painting, Maya, Maya 3D, Modelling, Photoshop, Presenting, Product deisgn, Product Design, Products, Prop Design, Realfow, Rendering, Sculpture, Sketch-up, Texturing, Visual Arts, Visualisation
    Employer Zee Dimension
    Location Victoria Australia
  • Daragh Doyle

    Daragh Doyle

    3d & Graphic Visualisation

    2D Visulisation, 3D Computer Animation, 3ds Max, After Effects, Animation, AutoCAD , Compositing, Design, Flash, Interiors, Logo Design, Modelling, Photoshop, Print Design, Products
    Education Graphic, Product & Interactive Design
    Employer DesignInc
    Location Victoria Australia
  • Tim Safiullin

    Tim Safiullin

    Visual Designer and Video Maker

    Advertising, Design, Film, Visual Arts
    Education Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media
    Employer T1m
    Location Victoria Australia
  • Jon Stone

    Jon Stone


    2D Visulisation, Events, Exhibitions, Interiors, Products, Sets
    Location Victoria Australia
  • Michael Tzortzidis

    Michael Tzortzidis

    3D Artist

    3ds Max, Dreamweaver, Interiors, Photoshop, V-Ray
    Education Advanced Diploma of Multimedia (Games Development)
    Employer Self employed
    Location Victoria Australia
  • steve pelletier

    steve pelletier

    freelance copywriter

    Advertising, Art Direction, Copywriting, Creative, Creative Direction, Editing, Free Hand Sketch, Office, Picture Editing, PowerPoint, Problem Solving, Publishing, Screenwriting, TV, Word
    Employer Bonneville Media
    Location Victoria Australia
  • elif yavuz

    elif yavuz

    Academic research, Academic Writing, Customer Engagement, Customer Service Oriented, Customer service skills, Events, Film, Installation Art, PowerPoint, Training and Assessment, Visual Arts, Word
    Education Bachelor of Visual Arts in Honours
    Employer Sutton Gallery
    Location Victoria Australia
  • Jessie Lewis

    Jessie Lewis


    Drawing, Events, Film, Fine Art, Illustrator, InDesign, Mixed media, Photoshop, Print Design, Printmaking, Screen Printing, Stencil Art, Theatre, Visual Arts, Woodblock
    Location Victoria Australia
  • Jocea Brough

    Jocea Brough

    Graphic Artist/Technical Illustrator

    3D Computer Animation, 3D Computer VFX, After Effects, Animation, Compositing, Computer Games, Film, Game Art, Illustrator, InDesign, Matte Painting, Modelling, Photoshop, PowerPoint
    Education Bachelor of Applied Computing
    Employer EnterTRAIN Interactive
    Location Victoria Australia
  • Anshupal Bantra

    Anshupal Bantra

    Excel Expert / Data Analyst

    Excel, Office, PowerPoint, Word
    Education MBA
    Employer Ashurst
    Location Victoria Australia

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