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  • Tessa Rixon

    Tessa Rixon

    Academic & Vision Design/Systems

    AutoCAD & Drafting, Dance, Design, Excel, Final Cut Pro, Isadora, Lighting Design, Live Performances, Performance Design, Production Design, Projection Design, Projection Mapping Dance, Qlab, Set Design, Vision systems and operation, Vision systems design
    Education 2012 - Bachelor of Creative Industries (Honours)
    Employer Queensland University of Technology
    Location Queensland Australia
  • Carli Berman

    Carli Berman


    Creative, Journalism
    Education Bachelor of Mass Communication
    Employer Education Queensland
    Location Queensland Australia
  • Debra Livingston

    Debra Livingston


    Art Direction, Art Photography, Design, Digital Imaging, Environment, Graphic Design, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, Photography, Photoshop, Picture Editing, Print Design, Visual Arts
    Employer University of the Sunshine Coast
    Location Queensland Australia
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  • Exotic Education

    Exotic Education

    Adult Entertainment Industry

    Location Queensland Australia
  • Rhonda Ferling

    Rhonda Ferling

    Art, Bedlinen, Cushions , Jewellery Design, Knitted, Necklaces, PowerPoint, Word
    Education Fine Art
    Employer Montessori
    Location Queensland Australia
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  • Elle Newton-Reid

    Elle Newton-Reid

    3d Character Animator

    3D Computer Animation, 3D Computer VFX, After Effects, Animation, Character Developer , Compositing, Final Cut Pro, Illustrator, Maya, Maya Animation, Modelling, Nuke Compositing, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Stop Motion
    Education Bachelor of Animation with Honours
    Employer Griffith University
    Location Queensland Australia
  • Jeffery Sams

    Jeffery Sams


    Audio, Design, Digital Media, Film, Motion Design, Screen Editing, Teaching, Visual Arts, Writing
    Location Queensland Australia
  • Susan Haines

    Susan Haines

    Fashion Industry Teacher

    Branding, Consumer Trend Forecasting, Copywriting, Creative Thinking, Editing, Fashion Industry Trends, Fashion Theory, Illustrator, InDesign, Journalism, Mentor Early Stage Fashion Designers/Businesses/Entrepreneurs, Photoshop
    Education Double Degree: Bachelor of Business and Creative Industries
    Employer The Australian Institute of Creative Design
    Location Queensland Australia
  • Cathy Stephens

    Cathy Stephens

    Web and graphic designer and educator

    Design, Digital Video, HTML / CSS (intermediate), Illustration - Digital, Illustrator, InDesign, Magazine article Layout, Office, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Premiere cc, Publication Design, Teaching/Mentoring experience, Visual Arts, Web Page Design
    Education Master of Digital Design in Education
    Employer Martin College
    Location Queensland Australia
  • Jen Hetherington

    Jen Hetherington


    Apparel, Art Direction, Design, Fashion, Fashion Design, Illustration - Traditional, Illustrator, InDesign, Millinery, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Word, Writing - Range Of Fields, Writing and editing
    Location Queensland Australia
  • Paul Morris

    Paul Morris

    Senior Lecturer

    Education Master of Visual Arts (Research)
    Employer Qantm College
    Location Queensland Australia
  • Peter Reeves

    Peter Reeves

    Development Officer

    Clowning around, Have a crack at anything
    Employer Development
    Location Queensland Australia
  • Kylie Taylor

    Kylie Taylor

    Visual Arts and Photography Teacher

    Teaching, Visual Arts
    Location Queensland Australia
  • Sonya Watts

    Sonya Watts

    Creative Arts Teacher

    Directing, Other Talent, Performing Arts, Teaching, Theatre, Writing
    Education BART and GDTL
    Employer Various including Private Business
    Location Queensland Australia
  • Colleen Woods

    Colleen Woods

    Manager - Art Supplies & Corporate Training

    Dry Point Printing Tutor, Encaustic Tutor, Lino Cut Tutor, Mixed Media Tutor, Visual Arts
    Location Queensland Australia
  • Manuela Taboada

    Manuela Taboada

    Lecturer Graphic Design

    Art Direction, Design, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Print Design
    Location Queensland Australia
  • Sana Rizvi

    Sana Rizvi

    Art History & Fine Arts Teacher

    Design, Drawing, Fine Art, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Teaching, Visual Arts
    Education Masters in Painting
    Employer Scarsdale International School, Lahore, Pakistan
    Location Queensland Australia
  • Tiarnna Smith

    Tiarnna Smith

    Blogging, Dance, Entertainment, Excel, Human Interest, Lifestyle, Make-Up, Multimedia, Office, Performer, Popular Culture, PowerPoint, Runway, Teaching, Word
    Education Bachelor of Medical Engineering
    Employer Tutoring for Excellence
    Location Queensland Australia
  • Martina Pook

    Martina Pook

    Teaching Artist

    Compiling results, Design, Drawing, Fine Art, Illustrator, InDesign, Painting, Photoshop, Publishing, Teaching, Visual Arts
    Location Queensland Australia
  • Matthew Hill

    Matthew Hill

    FWD Consultant

    Performing Arts
    Education BA Drama
    Employer Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education
    Location Queensland Australia

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