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  • Rachael Kostusik aka Kutsik

    Rachael Kostusik aka Kutsik

    Business Arts Consultant

    Advertising, Art, Budget Management, Budgeting, Business Development, Client Services, Composition, Coordination, Crafts, Creative Development, Creative Event, Customer Services, Dance, Design, Digital Media, Environment, Event Execution, Event Organisation, Event Planning, Events, Excel, Fashion, FileMaker Pro, Film, Gaming, Management, Marketing, Marketing & PR, Museums, Music, Networking, Office, Performing Arts, PowerPoint, Printing, Problem Solving, Production Management, Project Management, Promotions, Publishing, Radio, Recruitment, Sponsorship, Theatre, Ticketing, TV, Visual Arts, Word, Writing
    Education Certificate of Dance
    Employer connect4creatives
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • Alyona Petrenko

    Alyona Petrenko

    Marketing & PR Consultant, Ad Producer, Fashion Stylist

    Advertising, Art Direction, Cast Coordination, Client Accounts Management, Fashion Management, Marketing, Marketing & PR, Media Management, Production, Production Management, Project Management, Styling photoshoot
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • aisling brennan

    aisling brennan

    Event Coordinator-Torque Productions

    Events, Film, Location Management, Problem Solving, Production Management, Project Management, TV
    Location Western Australia Australia
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  • Lisa McCready

    Lisa McCready

    Project Coordinator

    Budgeting, Coordination, Event Execution, Event Organisation, Events, Excel, Festival, Lighting Technical Direction, Office, Performing Arts, PowerPoint, Problem Solving, Production Management, Theatre, Word
    Education arts management
    Employer black swan state theatre company
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • Cassie Hart

    Cassie Hart

    Producer & Presenter

    Art Direction, Dance, Film, Location Management, Presenting, Producing, Producing And Directing Commercial Production, Production Management, TV, Writing
    Education Communications
    Employer Peppermint Dance Co
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • Malcolm Davies

    Malcolm Davies

    Project Officer - Radio Astronomy

    3D Computer Animation, After Effects, Animation, Compositing, Customer Services, Digital Media, Dreamweaver, Excel, Final Cut Pro, Flash, Illustrator, InDesign, iWork Keynote, iWork Numbers, Marketing, Maya, Multimedia, Object Animation, Particle Effects, PFTrack, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Premier Pro, Problem Solving, Project Management, Reason, Rotoscope, Tracking , Websites, Word, WordPress
    Education Bachelor of Arts (Multimedia Design)
    Employer Department of Commerce
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • Dan Wood

    Dan Wood

    Production Manager

    Advertising, Budgeting, Film, Location Scout, Production Management, Project Management, TV
    Education Journalism
    Employer Moviola (singapore)
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • Jessica Mestre

    Jessica Mestre

    Media Coordinator

    Film, Presenting, Production Management, Project Management, TV, Writing
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • Gregg Bell

    Gregg Bell

    Workplace Assessor

    Charity Event, Concert, Corporate, Events, Live Event, Live Performance, Marketing, Marketing & PR, Media Relations, Music, Music Event, Project Management, Promotional Event, Radio, Relationship Management
    Education Marketing
    Employer Tubal Pty Ltd
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • Aimee King

    Aimee King

    Production Coordinator

    Advertising, Conference, Corporate, Creative Event, Events, Film, Final Cut Pro, Fundraising Event, Office, Party Planning, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Social Event, TV, Word
    Education Film & Video / Mass Communications
    Employer Artemis International
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • Nathan Shanahan

    Nathan Shanahan

    Web Developer

    Advertising, Art Direction, Client Services, Commercial Photography, CSS, Front End Developer, HTML, Illustrator, JavaScript, Jquery, Location Management, Photoshop, PHP, Shopify, User Experience Design, Web Development, Web Programming, WordPress
    Employer The Competition
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • Janna Jones

    Janna Jones

    Backstage Manager/ Stylist/ Wardrobe/ Run of Show

    Bespoke Tailoring, Brand Management, Creative Direction, CS5, Design, Editorial Photography, Events, Fashion, Flat Pattern Drafting, Illustration, Run of Show, Runway Production Coordination, Screen Printing, Styling, Wardrobe Management
    Education Fashion Design
    Employer Various
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • Sandi Dufficy

    Sandi Dufficy

    Senior Project Manager

    Advertising, Design, Engagement, Environment, Events, Film, Microsoft Office Applications, Office, Production Management, Stakeholder consultation, Stakeholder Management, Sustainability, TV, Writing
    Education Project Management Professional
    Employer Western Power
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • Katherine Nash

    Katherine Nash

    Production/Office Manager

    Film, Location Management, Location Scout, Production Management, Project Management, TV, Unit Assistant, Writing
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • Blake Howieson

    Blake Howieson

    Projects Organizer

    Events, Music, Publishing
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • Claire Baronas

    Claire Baronas

    Sales Assistant

    Communicating with cast and crew, Excel, Film, Final Cut Pro, Office, Organisation & Planning, Organisation Of All Stages Of Production, Photoshop, PowerPoint, TV, Word
    Location Western Australia Australia
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  • Will Griffiths

    Will Griffiths

    Senior Producer

    Design, Production Management
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • Shiv Sundaram

    Shiv Sundaram

    Project Manager

    Production Management
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • Jeremy Miles

    Jeremy Miles

    Production Manager

    Audio, Copywriting, Creative, Editing, Events, Film, Journalism, Live Performance, Music, Radio, Sound Design, Sound Editor, TV, TV & Film Commercial, Writing
    Education Bachelor of Media
    Employer Perth Racing
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • lisa moroney

    lisa moroney

    Project / Production Manager

    Advertising, Blogs, Branding, Charity Event, Consumer Behavior, Creative Event, Creative Thinking, Digital Media, Event Management, Event Planning, Events, Marketing & PR, Mobile, Multi-Platform, Multi-Platform Content, Outdoor Event, Production Management, Production Manager, Project & Event and Budget Management, Project Management, Radio, Social Event, Strategic Planning, TV, Websites
    Employer Longtail
    Location Western Australia Australia

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