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  • Jess Scully

    Jess Scully

    Editor, Curator and Festival Director

    Advertising, Art, Budget Management, Composition, Coordination, Crafts, Creative, Creative Development, Creative Event, Dance, Design, Digital Media, Editing, Environment, Event Execution, Event Organisation, Event Planning, Events, Executive, Fashion, Features, Film, Gaming, Lifestyle, Marketing & PR, Museums, Music, Office, Opinions, Performing Arts, Photoshop, Politics, Popular Culture, PowerPoint, Printing, Publishing, Radio, Recruitment, Speeches, Sponsorship, Talent Management, Theatre, TV, Visual Arts, Word, Writing
    Education BA Communications (Journalism) and BA Laws
    Employer Vivid Ideas
    Location New South Wales Australia
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  • Felicity Fellows

    Felicity Fellows

    Co-Director Partnerships TEDx Sydney + Head of New Partnerships Sydney Opera House

    Business Development, Business Development & Acquisition of clients & suppliers, Communications, Events, iWork Keynote, Marketing & PR, Marketing Strategy, Office, PowerPoint, Sponsorship
    Education Bachelor of Arts, Media & Communication
    Employer Sydney Opera House
    Location New South Wales Australia
    👥 47 Recommendations
  • Angela D'Alton

    Angela D'Alton

    Agent - Australia and New Zealand for Illustration Ltd.

    Advertising, Creative Direction, Creative Event, Design, Digital Media, Events, Exhibition, Fashion, Marketing & PR, Music Videos, Problem Solving, Project Management, Relationship Management, Styling
    Employer Illustration Ltd
    Location New South Wales Australia
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  • Russel Howcroft

    Russel Howcroft


    Advertising, Executive
    Location Victoria Australia
    👥 2 Recommendations
  • Erkan Izat

    Erkan Izat


    Art Photography, B2B Campaigns, B2C Campaigns, Budget Management, Business Modeling, Client Management, Corporation, Creative Agency, Creative Thinking, Data Analysis, Digital Agency, Digital Media, Executive, Fine Art, General, Landscape, Nudes & Glamour, Picture Editing, Presenting, Strategic Planning, Training & Development
    Education Venture Capital Executive Program
    Employer Venture Capital & Management Consulting
    Location New South Wales Australia
    👥 2 Recommendations
  • Margaret  Pomeranz

    Margaret Pomeranz

    Australian Film Critic

    Location New South Wales Australia
  • Sebastian   Chase

    Sebastian Chase

    Australian Music Business leader

    Location New South Wales Australia
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  • Gina  Hall

    Gina Hall


    Advertising, Composition, Crafts, Dance, Design, Digital Media, Environment, Events, Executive, Fashion, Film, Gaming, Marketing & PR, Museums, Music, Performing Arts, Printing, Publishing, Radio, Recruitment, Theatre, TV, Visual Arts, Writing
    Location New South Wales Australia
    👥 1 Recommendation
  • Kate Foote

    Kate Foote

    Junior Designer

    Advertising, Brand Design, Brand Identity, Branding, Design, Excel, Illustrator, InDesign, Logo Design, Mobile, Office, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Print Design, Typography
    Education Certificate IV in Graphic Design
    Employer Freelance
    Location New South Wales Australia
  • Vincent Maneno

    Vincent Maneno


    Excel, Office, PowerPoint
    Education Applied Finance
    Location New South Wales Australia
  • Jemma Nicholson

    Jemma Nicholson

    Implementation Executive

    Admin Assistant, Administration; answering phones, Advertising, CRM, Digital Media, Events, Excel, Executive, Magazine Advertising, Office, Outlook & Publisher, PowerPoint, Publishing, Sales & Marketing Campaigns, Word
    Location New South Wales Australia
  • Rosemary Reid

    Rosemary Reid

    Production Executive

    Cinematography, Digital Media, Editing, Event Management, Fashion, Film, Journalism, Marketing & PR, Photoshop, Producing, Promotions, Publishing, Social Media Management, Visual Arts
    Education Business Marketing
    Location New South Wales Australia
    👥 1 Recommendation
  • Bane Hunter

    Bane Hunter


    Advertising, Digital & Social Media, Digital Asset Management, Digital Media, Events, Executive, International business, Marketing & PR, Mobile Applications, Monetization, Program Management, Strategic & Operational Planning, Strategic Partnerships, Strategic Planning, TV
    Education General Management
    Employer THELOOP
    Location New York USA
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    Manager, Capability and Organisation Development

    Engagement Communications, Events, Facilitate Brainstorms, Illustrator, InDesign, Office, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Word
    Education Full-time Graphic Design Course
    Employer Central Provident Fund Board
    Location Singapore Singapore
    👥 2 Recommendations
  • John Anstey

    John Anstey

    CEO - elcomCMS

    Location New South Wales Australia
    👥 1 Recommendation
  • Sohan D

    Sohan D

    SEO executive

    Advertising, Clipping Path, Graphics Design, Internet Marketing, Photoshop, SEO, SMM
    Education CSE
    Location Dhaka Bangladesh
  • Sandy Madden

    Sandy Madden

    Executive Producer

    Budgeting, Business Development, Client Services, Corporate Video, Creative Event, Executive Producer, Line Production, Multi-Platform Content, Negotiations, Pitching, Project Management, Strategic Planning, Team Building
    Education Advanced Marketing
    Employer Imagination
    Location New South Wales Australia
    👥 1 Recommendation
  • Harry Harrison

    Harry Harrison

    Business Development

    Advertising And Marketing, Business Administration, Business Development, Customer Retention, Data Analysis, Data Marketing, Marketing, Marketing Communications, Marketing Strategy, Strategy and Planning
    Employer BMW Sydney
    Location London UK
    👥 4 Recommendations
  • Lachlan McLeod

    Lachlan McLeod

    Theatrical Sales Coordinator

    Design, Events, Excel, Film, Illustrator, InDesign, Office, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Print Design, TV, Word
    Education Audio Engineering
    Employer you?
    Location New South Wales Australia
  • Zena O'Connor

    Zena O'Connor

    Colour / Design / Research

    Colour Consulting, Design, Research, Writing
    Education PhD
    Location New South Wales Australia
    👥 1 Recommendation

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