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  • Camha Pham

    Camha Pham

    Freelance Writer and Editor

    Blogging, Business Writing, Copy Writing and Editing, Copywriting, Editing & Proofreading, Entertainment Writing, Features, Food Blogging, Food feature, Food writer, Food writing, Freelancing, Lifestyle writing, Publishing, Tourism Promotion, Travel Writing, Writing
    Education Master of Publishing and Editing
    Employer Self-employed
    Location Western Australia Australia
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  • Heather Delfs

    Heather Delfs

    Word Architect

    Advertising, Blogging, Branding & Identity, Content Curation, Copy Writing and Editing, Copywriting, Corporate, Creative, Creative Agency, Creative Thinking, Digital Agency, Editing, Fiction, Online, Promotions, Sports, Web Content, Website, Writing
    Education PhD
    Employer Freelance
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • Krissy Bradfield

    Krissy Bradfield

    Freelance Writer

    Blogs, Client Services, Copywriting, Digital Media, Features, Fiction, Ghostwriting, Lifestyle, Newsletters, Popular Culture, Press Release, Production Management, Project Management, Web Content
    Education BA Journalism
    Employer Kristie Blogs For You
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • Annette Gohl

    Annette Gohl

    Editor / Writer / Freelance Journalist

    Author, Blogging, Copywriting, Critic, Editing, Journalism, Playwriting, Poetry, Promotions, Screenwriting, Writing
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • Aimee-Leah Gellard

    Aimee-Leah Gellard

    Creative, Editing, Entertainment, Fiction, Popular Culture, Promotions, Proofreading, Screenwriting, Scripts
    Education Masters of Professional Communication
    Employer Edith Cowan University
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • Oscar Macdonald

    Oscar Macdonald

    Art Direction, Film, Photoshop, Word
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • Lisa Berson

    Lisa Berson

    Freelance Writing and Copywriting

    Author, Blogging, Copywriting, Creative, Editing, Email Marketing, Journalism, Promotions, Research & Content Resourcing, Social Media & Digital Strategies, Writing
    Education Magazine and Newspaper Writing Course
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • Daniele Foti-Cuzzola

    Daniele Foti-Cuzzola


    Blogs, Editing, Entertainment, Events, Fashion, Film, Final Cut Pro, Lifestyle, Media, Multi-Platform Content, Online, Popular Culture, Print, TV, TV & Film Commercial
    Education Post Graduate Diploma in Broadcasting
    Employer Segmento Magazine
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • Sophie Shimmon

    Sophie Shimmon

    Critic, Editing, Film, Office, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Production, TV
    Education Bachelor Of Film
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • Nicole Motles

    Nicole Motles

    Copywriter / Project Manager

    Advertising, Blogging, Blogs, Copywriting, Creative, Critic, Editing, Entertainment, Events, Fiction, Film, Performer, Popular Culture, Presenter, Presenting, Promotions, Proofreading, Research, Screenwriting, Scripts, TV, Voice Over, Web Content
    Education Screenwriting for Film and TV
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • Tessa Dempster

    Tessa Dempster

    Editorial and Business Development

    Blogging, Blogs, Copywriting, Creative, Critic, Digital Media, Editing, Entertainment, Features, Journalism, Lifestyle, Media, Photoshop, Popular Culture, Word, Writing
    Education Bachelor of Arts
    Employer Undergrnd Marketing
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • Jasmine Cookson

    Jasmine Cookson

    Contributor, Edit Assistant, Events, Feature Article Writing, Film, Final Draft, Music, Photograph for web, Photoshop, Political Analysis, Pop Culture, Radio, Reviews, Script writer, Sport
    Education Law/Journalism
    Employer Pilerats
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • Alvin Chew

    Alvin Chew

    Excel, Final Cut Pro, InDesign, Office, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Word
    Education Communication Studies
    Employer University of Western Australia
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • Scott Aitken

    Scott Aitken

    Marketing Assistant

    Advertising, Events, InDesign, Office, Photoshop, Radio
    Education Masters of International Journalism
    Employer JPW Marine
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • Jacob McDermott

    Jacob McDermott

    Black Belt In Scone Baking, Blackmagic, Design, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Word
    Education Animation
    Location Western Australia Australia
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  • Loukas Mexis

    Loukas Mexis

    Contributing Editor

    Advertising, Art, Author, Copywriting, Creative, Critic, Editing, Editorial, Entertainment, Fashion, Features, Journalism, Lifestyle, Media, Multimedia, Music, Online, Opinions, Popular Culture, Print, TV
    Employer Askmen of IGN group
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • Jordan Oldbury

    Jordan Oldbury

    Safety and Environmental Officer

    Access, Author, Corporate, Creative, Environment, Excel, Fiction, Office, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Report Writing, Research, Resume Writing, Windows Server 2008, Word
    Education English
    Employer Bradken Ltd
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • Gabi Mills

    Gabi Mills

    Editor, Managing Editor

    Blogs, Entertainment, Human Interest, Lifestyle, Online, Popular Culture, Print, TV
    Education English BA (Hons)
    Employer Gift of the Gab
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • Hannah Peters

    Hannah Peters

    Advertis, Advertising, Word, Word (advanced)
    Location Western Australia Australia
  • Marnie Allen

    Marnie Allen

    Editor (Pelican Magazine, UWA)

    Design, Office, Photoshop, Visual Arts
    Location Western Australia Australia

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