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  • Elisa Mazzone

    Elisa Mazzone

    Designer & Illustrator

    Art Direction, Brand Design, Branding, Campaign Concept, Corporate Identity, Creative Direction, Design, Digital, Drawing, Editorial, Fashion, Fashion & Beauty, Feminine, Illustration, Illustrator, InDesign, Logo Design, Mixed media, Packaging, Painting, Photoshop, Portrait, Portrait Illustration, Print Design, Publishing, Typography, Watercolor, Web Design
    Education Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) with Hons
    Employer ARCADIA GROUP
    Location South Australia Australia
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  • Jasper St Aubyn West

    Jasper St Aubyn West

    Art Direction Animation Design Illustration

    Adobe, Advertising, After Effects, After Effects - Advanced, Animation, Animation & VFX, Art Direction, Branding, Creative Direction, Design, Digital, Directing, Film, Illustration, Illustration (mixed media), Illustrator, Illustrator (advanced), Motion Graphics, Music Videos, Photoshop, Photoshop (advanced), TV, VFX
    Location South Australia Australia
  • Julia Chau

    Julia Chau

    Freelance Creative

    Art Direction, Brand Design, Brand Identity, Branding, Corporate Identity, Drawing, Illustrator, InDesign, Logo Design, Office, Packaging, Painting, Photoshop, Print Design, Typography
    Education Graphic Design
    Employer Self Employ
    Location South Australia Australia
  • Jess Applebee

    Jess Applebee


    Advertising Design, Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Branding, Computer Graphics, CorelDRAW, Corporate Identity, Design Strategy, Dreamweaver, Environmental Design, Excel, Flash, FreeHand, Icon design, Illustrator, InDesign, Logo Design, Packaging, Photoshop, Print Design, Typography
    Education Business (Marketing)
    Employer Identity Marketing
    Location South Australia Australia
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  • Dannielle Icke

    Dannielle Icke

    Lecturer - Print Media

    Brand Design, Commercial Photography, Corporate Identity, Dreamweaver, HTML/CSS, Illustrator, InDesign, Jquery, Lightroom, Logo Design, Photoshop, Print Design, Retouching, Teaching, Websites
    Education Certificate IV Training and Assessment
    Employer TAFE SA - Print Media
    Location South Australia Australia
  • Samantha Tipler

    Samantha Tipler

    Owner, Scream Creative

    Art Direction, Buying, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Design, Direct Marketing, Print Campaigns, Production Management
    Employer Scream Creative
    Location South Australia Australia
  • Mitchell van Kaathoven

    Mitchell van Kaathoven

    Art Director/Web Designer/Web Developer

    Banner Ad, Blogs, Branding, Corporate Identity, HTML, Illustrator, Mobile, Multi-Platform, Photoshop, Print Design, Typography, Web Design, Web Development, Websites
    Location South Australia Australia
  • Mike Wilson

    Mike Wilson

    National Creative Director

    Advertising, Art Direction, Commercials, Creative Direction, Design, TV Campaigns
    Location South Australia Australia
  • Matt Salvatore

    Matt Salvatore

    Branding & Design

    Advertising, Art Direction, Branding, Creative Direction, Design, Digital, Environment, Events, Fashion, Film, Illustrator, InDesign, Package Design, Packaging, Photography (film and digital), Photoshop, Print Design, Stationary, Stationary design, Typography, Visual Arts
    Education Media Arts
    Employer Sleepless Creatures
    Location South Australia Australia
  • nicolas delille

    nicolas delille

    3D Artist / Art Director Freelancer

    Advertising, Art Direction, Cinema 4D, Events, Graphic Artist, Illustrator CS5, InDesign, Photo Editing & Manipulation, Photoshop, Print Design, Retouching, Vray Lighting, Vray Renderer, ZBrush, Zbrush Artist
    Education Marketing - communication - advertising - art direction
    Employer Modern Age Studio
    Location South Australia Australia
  • Troy O'Brien

    Troy O'Brien

    Creative Director

    Advertising, Art Direction, Brand Identity, Branding, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Creative Thinking, Design, Digital Imaging, Photoshop, Retouching, Strategic Planning, TV, User Experience Design, Websites
    Location South Australia Australia
  • Krina Vronti

    Krina Vronti


    Art Direction, Commercials, Events, Fashion Show, Film, Photoshop, Production Design, Set Design, Theatre, TV
    Employer kvd+i / Independent Designer
    Location South Australia Australia
  • Greg Hamilton

    Greg Hamilton

    Design and Event Professional

    Advertising Design, Art Direction, Award Ceremony, Brand Design, Branding, Charity Event, Commercial, Concert, Conference, Conferences, Construction, Coordination, Corporate, Corporate Identity, Creative Development, Creative Direction, Creative Event, Design, Environment, Environmental Design, Event Execution, Event Management, Event Organisation, Event Planning, Exhibition, Exhibition Design, Exhibitions, Experiential, Expos, Fashion Show, Festival, FreeHand, Fundraising Event, Government Event, Information Design, Installation Construction, iWork Pages, Lighting, Live Event, Museums, Music Event, Outdoor Event, Packaging, Party Planning, Photoshop, Point of Purchase, Press Conference, Product Launch, Project Management, Promotional Event, Public Exhibitions, Retail Opening, Roadshow, Seminar, Signage, Social Event, Sporting Event, Student Event, Styling, Team Building, Temporary Displays, Trade Show, Training Event, Typography, Wayfinding Design, Webinar, Wedding
    Education My Life, Design, Creativity, Production Management
    Employer gthink studio + design
    Location South Australia Australia
  • Matthew Stuckey

    Matthew Stuckey


    Ambient Campaigns, Art Direction, Conceptual, Creative Direction, Design, Drawing, Editorial, Illustrator, InDesign, Lettering, Photoshop, Typography
    Education Bachelor of Visual Communication
    Employer TreeHouse Projects
    Location South Australia Australia
  • Jeremy DV Boyd

    Jeremy DV Boyd

    Creative | Designer | Illustrator

    Art Direction, Brand Identity, Brand Packaging, Brand Strategy, Branding, Caricature, Cartoon, Collage, Concept, Conceptual, Corporate, Corporate Identity, Creative Direction, Design, Design Strategy, Digital, Drawing, Environmental Design, Illustration, Illustrator, InDesign, Lettering, Line, Logo Design, Mixed media, Office, Packaging, Painting, Pen & Ink, People, Photoshop, Point of Purchase, Print Campaigns, Print Design, Silkscreen, Storyboards, Strategic Design, Typography, Wayfinding Design, Woodblock
    Education Bachelor of Arts – Design
    Location South Australia Australia
  • Ed Schillace

    Ed Schillace

    Freelance Art Director / Graphic Designer

    Advertising, Art Direction, Brand Identity, Branding, Corporate Identity, Design, Dreamweaver, Fashion, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Print Design, Typography, Visual Arts, Word
    Location South Australia Australia
  • Rhyen Ellis

    Rhyen Ellis


    Advertising, Art Direction, Design, Digital, Radio, TV
    Education Ideas, Art Direction & Copywriting
    Employer Black Sheep Advertising
    Location South Australia Australia
  • Tiffany Linke

    Tiffany Linke

    Freelance Graphic Design

    Art Direction, Brand Identity, Corporate Identity, Creative Direction, Design, Exhibitions, Icon design, Indoor, Logo Design, Outdoor, Outdoor Campaigns, Print Campaigns, Print Design, Signage
    Employer tif.image DESIGN
    Location South Australia Australia
  • Lukus Robbins

    Lukus Robbins

    Theatre and New Media Artist, Producer and Performer

    Apps, Creative Direction, Design, Digital Artist, Events, Game Art, Game Mechanics, Games, Multi-Media Artist, Narrative, Office, Production Management, Short Film Acting, Theatre, Word
    Location South Australia Australia
  • Makeda Duong

    Makeda Duong


    Collage, Craft, Drawing, Female, Fine Art, Knitted, Painting, PowerPoint, Printmaking, Sculpture, Visual Arts, Word
    Location South Australia Australia

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