6 reasons to hire a Freelancer before Christmas

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It’s the first day of December and this is holiday season! Don’t wait till Santa comes with his sack of presents… if you’re looking for a bespoke way to say “Thank-You” this Christmas, let the creatives on The Loop help you to be remembered long into the New Year.

Elin-Andersson-Gift-Cards-Christmas-The-Loop Elin-Andersson-Gift-Cards-Christmas-The-Loop

1. Find an Illustrator to put an original spin on your personal or business greeting cards.

Pens and brushes at the ready, we are host to plenty of Illustrators waiting to personalise your Christmas papercraft. Why not tailor your cards to your products and services?


2. Hire a Copywriter to sharpen holiday cheers with original greetings.

Add a touch of freshly styled sentences and make your clients feel real spesh.

3. Personalise your gifts with the talents of a Typographer.

Remind family, staff and friends – not just that you know their name, but you care! Classic cursive calligraphy, with plenty of flourishes, will lend the most exquisite kind of signature to envelopes, cards, wallets and more.


Even a savvy Graphic Designer can lock up a simple print to be hand-screened across cotton musettes for all.


4. Working in retail? Jazz up your Christmas window display.

Recreate a winter wonderland with specialised graphics & entice those shoppers in for all your seasonal treats.

5.  #NeverForget your Staff Party!

Tis the season. Make sure you’ve got someone to document all the good times – find yourself a Photographer or Videographer.


6. Tailor your social content for the holidays! 

Decorate on the web, not just on the tree! Seek out a Motion Designer/Animator to help add fun touches to Facebook and Instagram via shareable gifs, animations or video and spruik your Christmas cheer!


To Get all your creative assets out the door, find the perfect Freelancer and post a Gig here: http://www.theloop.com.au/app/gigs/post

Feature Image: Alex Grigg



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