Idea to Execution: Create STUDIO 2014 Winner John Gosper

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Last October The Loop gave three highly creative individuals the chance to showcase their talent on national television by designing a new brandspot for Fox creative channel STUDIO.

We are proud to introduce to you our 2014 winner of the Create STUDIO competition, Melbourne-based visual artist John Gosper! John constructed the STUDIO logo using different mediums, which he systematically destroyed and captured in a high-definition, reverse clip.

His meticulously planned high-speed deconstruction¬†took several months of preparation, installation and execution.¬†Here, he tells us about the background surrounding his project…

How did you come across the ‚ÄėCreate STUDIO‚Äô competition?

I discovered it through The Loop website.

What process did you use to create the concept for your brandspot?

I really wanted to create something that represented my work as a visual artist and also something that would align with the STUDIO brand. I looked at the common threads to my work and deciphered my interests as a creative.

My next step was to break the project down to three or four themes, which I could then workshop into the context of the 30 seconds and logo reveal.

Why did you choose this particular approach to the brief? What is your creative background?

My creative background is varied. I have studied film, philosophy and most recently fashion design, although I have moved my practice into a more arts based context Рwith outcomes resulting in installation, sculpture, performance and film. The three dominant threads that usually generate and provoke my work are: Materiality, Movement and The Body. I looked at how these things could be used to make a spot that was not only interesting but compelling.

In normal circumstances I would start with ‘the body’ and experiment with how a material could create certain movement schemes when interacting with the body. In terms of this spot, the letters became the ‘bodies’ (each made from a different material) and the interest came from the destruction of the letters, and moreover the visual play caused by the material disturbance.

How did it compare/contrast to the other finalist’s entries?

Each final entry was very different, and I think that is because we all come from very different creative approaches.

What was it like working with STUDIO to make your vision a reality?

Seamless. The team at STUDIO are really positive and willing to help problem solve when needed because they too only want the best outcome.

What techniques did you use to create the final brand spot?

Sculpture for the construction of the letters (paper, plaster, mirror tiles, clear plastic, ice and cardboard) and various methods for the destruction of the letters (fire, heat, smashing things!) We filmed it with a high-speed camera that could really capture the action, and then slowed the footage down.

Did you face any challenges along the way? Did you learn anything new? 

Most of the challenges were material based. I had to swap materials a few times once I discovered that¬†it wasn’t destroying the way I’d hoped.

How did you get to where you are today?

Creatively, I studied film at Griffith University in Brisbane and Fashion Design at RMIT University in Melbourne.¬†I have always pursued creative areas where I could really let my imagination run, and develop ideas¬†that interest me. After graduating in 2011, I decided to take on projects that really inspired me and that I’m passionate¬†about, like collaborating with friends to exhibit work, and this competition with STUDIO.

Who and what is your creative inspiration?

People like Rei Kawakubo, Bart Hess, David Lynch and Terrence McKenna inspire me in different ways as well as nature, physics, and the pursuit of truth.

How will you spend your $10,000 prize money?

It is all going into my next project: a short film! Watch this space…

Thanks for your time John, and congratulations on the win! We are excited to see what’s in store for you over the upcoming months.¬†





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