Idea to Execution: Create STUDIO 2014 Finalist, Brian Neong San

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Brian, our second creative in our series of finalists gives us behind-the-scenes insights into his unique submission for the Create STUDIO brandspot competition.

1. How did you come across the ‘Create STUDIO’ competition?

I found out about the competition through The Loop website and the TV ads on the SBS channel.

2. What process did you use to create the concept for your brandspot?

After a few brainstorm sessions and a lot of coffee, I asked myself how a painting could be created by a breakdancer with his dance moves. My thought process was to combine two unrelated art forms to visually form the STUDIO logo and capture the STUDIO’s brand.

3. Why did you choose this particular approach to the brief? What is your creative background?

I come from an animation and design background. I enjoy creating personal experimental animations and this was a great opportunity to pitch a unique idea with a strong concept that combines subjects I am passionate about. I knew there was going to be a video shoot involved, so I wanted to experiment with digital paint animation over video footage. I chose this particular approach as I was going to be creatively involved in every step of the way.


4. How did it compare/contrast to the other finalist’s entries?

All the entries were different because of our different creative backgrounds. My approach was leaning more towards the actual craft of making the brand spot. Oh and it featured a talented breakdancer.

5. What was it like working with STUDIO to make your vision a reality?

The constant guidance and mentoring from STUDIO helped me to deliver the best final piece possible. STUDIO also provided the additional talent and resources required to bring my unique concept to life. It was a blast to work with such talented professionals involved in the making of this concept.

6. What techniques did you use to create the final brand spot?

Frame by frame animation technique was used to digitally paint over the real life video footage. A green screen was used for shots where specific areas of the footage had to be digitally replaced in post production. Everything was then edited and put together on my laptop.


7. Did you face any challenges along the way? Did you learn anything new? 

I’ve created a lot of animations and motion work for online delivery before but this was my first time being involved in every step of the process for producing a TV spot. The development process from the moment of the initial pitch until the final delivery was a wonderful learning journey. It was enriching to be able to actively contribute to tasks such as drawing up the storyboard, directing the video shoot and animating during the post production phase.

8. How did you get to where you are today?

I did a Bachelor of Arts at the Curtin University School of Design and Art in Perth. After that, I have been working as a designer/animator in digital agencies, and collaborating with other talented creatives has helped me grow through my career. Also, in my spare time, pursuing more creative and personal animation experiments allows me to express my creativity during sleepless nights. I also got to where I am today thanks to quality coffee consumption every afternoon with good friends.

9. Who and what is your creative inspiration?

As I work in the digital design industry, a lot of my creative inspiration come from the design award websites, talented people and studios which I follow online. Otherwise, museums, art galleries, cafes and life in general inspire me everyday.

Thank you for your time Brian, we are excited to see what is in store for you over 2014. 



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