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  • Animation 1


3D Computer VFX, Advertising, After Effects, Character Developer , Compositing, Design, Digital Video, Film, Final Cut Pro, Flash, Maya, Modelling, Motion Design, Music Videos, Title Sequence


  • Woolworths Limited
    Nightfill Staff
    2011 - Present

    - Stock taking
    - Organizing product placement
    - Running cages
    - Refitting ailes and shelves

  • Pusher
    2013 - 2013

    Helping out with the creation and modification of animation templates. Creating After Effects animations for Pushers B&T Awards proposal. Designing characters for Nature's Own Facebook promotions. Idea generation for Pushers Digital Christmas Cards. Designing Pusher email templates and organizing client file structures.


  • Billy Blue College of Design
    Digital Media
    2012 - 2014

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Pushkar Sharma

Education Billy Blue College of Design
Employer Woolworths Limited
Location Sydney Australia


About Pushkar

Completely dedicated to making sure everyone around me is laughing and enjoying themselves. Deeply passionate about film, comedy, psychology and illustration.

Fascinated by storytelling and finding ways in which to connect with audiences through film and animation. First you take their eyes, then you take their mind, then you have their heart.

Create untill it kills you.




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