Location New South Wales, Australia
Founded 2009
Website http://expert3dscanning.com.au/loop.html

Interactive Web 3D promises to be the "next big thing" on the Internet, but have you ever seen it?

Our website has over a dozen Web Optimised Interactive 3D presentations for you to marvel at.
ZOOM - SPIN - PAN - ROTATE - check it out now.

Be ready for when your client asks you - "How do I put my product online in 3D?" Expert 3D Scanning is the studio to help you make that happen.

We create:
- 3D models for the creative industry
- 3D interactive webpages for web developers

Using 3D laser scanning technology we can scan any physical object to create an accurate 3D model to suit your application

- Improve accuracy and quality by 3D scanning your 3D assets rather than drawing them
- Speed-up your production times with faster model creation
- Save costs with your improved productivity



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PO Box 671, Balmain, Sydney, New South Wales, 2041, Australia

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